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Location: Home > Products > SET > HEADWEAR & SCARF & GLOVES
  • Adult hat and glove sets
  • Adult hat and glove sets

Adult hat and glove sets

Product No.: DHHG0002

Material: Polyester

Logo: Customized logo as requested

Color: Customied colors as requested

Size: For 2-4years baby or customized as requested

Product Details Gallery
Product name: adult hat and glove sets
Material: polyester
Logo: customized logo as requested
Color: customied colors as requested
Size: for 2-4years baby  or customized as requested
Application: keep warm as neckwear; fashion decration
MOQ: 3000pcs
Shipping: fedex, dhl, ups, tnt
Sample cost free sample in stock
Samples time (1) 3-5 days if customized logo;
(2)1 day for our existing samples
Payment Terms: (1) t/t, l/c, d/p, d/a, paypal, western union
Production Capacity: 500000pcs/month
Delivery: 10-25days
packing details: 1ps/small opp bag,  500pcs/ctn, carton size is 50*40*30 cm or As client's request
Certification: ISO 9001-2008,SGS,CE, BSCI
Adult hat and glove sets-1
Adult hat and glove sets-1
Adult hat and glove sets-2
Adult hat and glove sets-2
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